September 13, 2021

Why social impact is a big component when developing new food products?

We at Manna Foods Solutions consider today is the right moment for novel foods to appear, globally, that can bring added values to everything we are living today, from climate change up to pandemic crises, massive people migrations, fast technology evolution and everchanging lifestyle in countries all over the world. We don't only believe it but are working hard to achieve this. ODA is our current focus working project. Check it if you have the curiosity of seeing our innovative ready meals concept and if you want to talk with us about it, please contact us. Always happy to talk to you directly.
June 18, 2021

Nascut in Romania cu Madalina Ilie, fondator Manna Foods Solutions la Radio Romania Cultural

Multumim Radio Romania Cultural pentru oportunitatea acestui interviu care pune in prim plan ce inseamna inovatia alimentara luand in considerare mai multe aspecte si cum aceasta poate schimba perspectivele despe ceea ce inseamna modul in care utilizam resursele si ne hranim acum, in viitor, pe Pamant & in Spatiu. MANNA FOODS SOLUTIONS #Reebo #first3Dfoodprinterasvendingmachine #opennew3Dhorizons #foodinnovation #sustainability
June 18, 2021

Thank you KANAL D

For the 1st time on media, we have talked about the other project, we at MANNA FOODS SOLUTIONS are working at. ODA is the 1st concept of cooked, ready-to-eat, tablet food. Oda comes in the context of eating more with less, the need of an alternative ready-to-eat food when we are talking about emergency situations, pandemics, military operations or space missions. They are innovative as food concept and nutritionally balanced, can be personalized by taking into consideration the nutritional and calories intake needs, the activity level, the health status, the gender or the cultural background of the different people groups.
March 15, 2021

3D food printer that can print a ready-to-eat sandwich or cake in two minutes. A solution that could be implemented globally, proposed by a Romanian innovative food start-up

Why would be now, more than ever, the right, actually the perfect moment, for 3D food printing? How do we feed 10 billion people worldwide by 2050? How come Reebo would be the perfect fitter and an optimum solution to this challenge and other equally important. These are just a few of the topics Madalina Ilie, our founder, talked about with Sebastian Ujica for Aleph News. #MFS #Reebo #the1st3Dfoodprinterdesignedasvendingmachine #foodinnotech #foodfutureintothepresent #thetimeisnowmorethanever
March 6, 2021

in Biz Magazine March 2021 Edition under the heading 21 of Romanian Start-ups for the 21st century

It is an impulse for us & an encouragement to "keep walking" and fulfill our objectives. Food future into the present is one of our top objective, applied globally. #foodinnotech #Reebo #futurefood #sustainability #sdgs2030 #beautifulpeopleandplanet #GoodEarth #MFS
February 3, 2021

ODA linked to emergency situations, military operations & space missions

Considering the decrease of basic food resources generated by global climate change, the degradation of the drinking water, the accelerated growth of the world’s population, less […]
February 3, 2021

Social Impact

Food insecurity is defined by the UN FAO as the “situation when people lack secure access to sufficient amounts of safe and nutritious food for normal […]
February 3, 2021

New Times, New Foods

From a technology standpoint, the future that everyone talked about before the pandemic is now here, ahead of schedule. We expected significant advancements in our world evolution, in adopting new business models, and in generating outcomes for researchers and community members like never before. Today, this is no longer a prediction; it is reality.
November 24, 2020

The Reebo project brings the food future to the present.

A different kind of interview ... A creative dynamic in which the emphasis was on highlighting the essential elements of Manna Foods Solutions foodtech projects. The future of food, technology and personalized needs taking into account occupation, age, lifestyle and culture. A wide spectrum of global applicability in the context of the accelerated growth of the world's population, high speed evolution of technlogy and last but not least of efficiency and sustainability. For people, planet and environment. Thank you Anca Ghinea_Kreatoria💡🍀 MFS team