Optimum Dynamic Activities

What is Oda ?

ODA "1-bite, cooked & ready-to-eat Tablet-Food" is designed to replace a main meal or be body-friendly novel snacks, ODA comes also with the option of healthy-nutritious desserts and coffee. It doesn't need water or anything else to be consumed. It has a ten year shelf life with a fully insulated individual tablet package. It can withstand from -50C to +50C, even underwater, with a fully monthly supply weighing only 2 kg. Science fiction has predicted food being compressed into a tablet form for over 100 years and we are well on the way to achieving it.

ODA (ready to eat meals) is the total nutrition solution for national food emergency reserves, medical and social crises, emergency situations and natural disasters, food starvation, combat situations, camping, space exploration, overcoming obesity and diabetes, wellness lifestyles and nutrition control, athletic performance and the busy modern man with little to no time available to cook or manage eating habits.

The science behind this patent-pending food tablet is that if you do not taste your food then you can trick your body into not feeling hungry. Our solution allows efficient use of raw materials and a sustainable production process. There are significant cost savings, resulting from reduced food waste, because of better suitability and control of food served according to the nutrition needs.

Can be hundreds of mixtures covering different tastes, made only with natural ingredients plus vitamins & minerals. They are personalized by taking into consideration the nutritional and calories intake needs, the activity level per day, the health status, the gender or the cultural background of different people groups.

ODA's Features

  • Wide selection of meals to personalize individual wellness and nutrition goals
  • Taste as good as home cooked food;
  • Balanced nutrition, adapted to age, occupation, gender;
  • Personalized to individual health needs
  • Easy to transport and consume (land, water, air, space);
  • Ready-to-eat without further processing / preparation / cooking
  • NO: cutleries, pots, ovens, water, energy, large storage spaces
  • Easy diet control; long shelf life; small volume-high calories ratio
  • Extended shelf life (+10 years)
  • Use for special situations: war, natural disasters, calamities, human mass migrations or space expeditions

Why ODA?

ODA is the answer for people with bad eating habits to turn them into eating balanced, nutritious and savoury main course, dessert and coffee for the humans who eat to live rather than live to eat.

ODA's instant ready-to-eat meal in a tablet is ideal for busy humans with less and less time available to procure, prepare and cook meals.

ODA curbs the enormous amount of food waste with virtually indefinite shelf life, 100% safe and virtually storage-free.

Through a proprietary food process we: extract the water, reduce the volume of the solid mass down to food essence tablets and keep unaltered vitamins and nutrients.
If with ½ chicken you alone are full, with the same half chicken transformed into ODA essential tablets, 3 people can be fed.

New Times, New Foods

We are living in a time of change and we all, consciously or unconsciously, embrace the era of digitalization and innovation like never before but no matter how far we get, no matter if we’ll conquer space or develop sci-fi technologies, food will remain a need; it is our fuel for the body and the mind.
Due to the speed of technology evolution, the need of using all the resources as efficient as possible, tailored food and global dynamic changes, food industry is in a continuous search of conscious innovation and development.

Most probably, the Covid 19 will continue to impact us and bring more uncertainty. The pandemic crisis was the catalyst for rapid change and it presents the opportunity for us to collectively shift priorities, refocus on what matters and accelerate to a brighter future. This crisis challenges us to radically rethink how we make decisions and who benefits from the outcomes – and how to develop and apply technology in new and meaningful ways for the benefit of all.

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