Manna Foods Solutions is a start-up in the field of food & tech, whose objective is to develop food innovations that can be applied globally, in the context of the continuous growth of the world's population and global dynamic change.

We believe that the solutions to food shortages, that are already happening, consist in rethinking the way we eat.
In our view, "the foods of the future" will have to be customized by taking into account: age, gender, occupation, special needs (diet regimes), and perhaps even environmental conditions.
Better dosing of calories and a better balance of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, minerals and trace elements, as well as an efficient preparation of these food products in order to obtain relatively small volumes and a longer shelf life, will be some of the defining elements.

Also, tomorrow's food will not be the same as today due to the machine's ability to deliver goods quickly and economically, making it an extremely convenient option for people, no matter where they are.
It is not about making conventional food, it is about exploring new food options that were not possible to make before and respond on time in front of the changes and challenges that come with the growth of global population, food quality, sustainability and new technologies.


Manna Foods brings new perspectives & solutions about future sustainable foods. Our mission “Visionary foods, changing world” is about bringing smart nutrition for the whole humankind.

Vision & Values

It's not just about making conventional food, it’s about exploring new food options that were not possible to make before. Trustworthiness, genuine people, continuous exploration, innovation, fast is better than slow, integrity, seriousness without suits.

Current activity

Using research as a tool to develop food products & technologies which can be applied globally. Our innovative solutions bring impact for people & communities with different lifestyles, anytime, anywhere.

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