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The need of ODA

The global dynamic changes, economically, socially and geopolitically speaking point out that food waste, starvation, natural and human disasters will generate the major forthcoming problems for all humanity. In this context, here and now, ODA emerged.

9.7B people by 2050; 11% are undernourished; 9.2% are severely food insecure (insufficient quantity of food); 33-50% of all food produced is wasted; increased health and humanitarian crises; climate change affects farmland, lack of affordable food, malnutrition. In parallel, modern and implicit future consumers’ needs are more & more demanding, there is a bigger & bigger request for tailored food that has to take into consideration multiple options, raw materials usage and food value chain must be carefully taken into consideration when it comes to food innovation.

ODA’s main usage is for emergency situations, military operations & space missions where food in zero gravity has other requires than food on Earth. ODA is the 1st concept of tablet MRE (meals ready to eat), it is nutritionally controlled, hundreds of mixtures, prepared from various ingredients (meat, vegetables, cereals, nuts, fruits), no added preservatives, Es or other unhealthy raw materials. It is customer-centric, low in salt, fat and sugar tablet food with no need for added water and heaters, thus bringing a new dimension to healthier food offerings. Impacts United Nations SDGs: (2) reduces hunger & malnutrition - easy nutritious food delivery - 795M people chronically undernourished, (3) good health and wellbeing by fighting obesity and undernourishment (12) smart use of raw materials - sustainable agriculture - precise planning, (13) reduces the 8% GHG emissions caused by food waste because of better food suitability.




Food Insecure


of produced food is wasted


people by 2050

Social Impact

Food insecurity is defined by the UN FAO as the “situation when people lack secure access to sufficient amounts of safe and nutritious food for normal growth and development and an active and healthy life”. Food insecurity can be caused by a number of factors, including the unavailability of food, unaffordable food and unequal distribution of food. Food insecurity is one of the major causes of poor nutrition. Undernourishment is a leading risk factor for death and other health consequences (11% of the world’s population is undernourished – 820 million people globally). ODA brings nutrition and quality vs. taste and quantity, fights obesity and undernourishment, curbs food shortages (everyone can get their nourishment in a tablet), smart calories with 100% absorption and zero waste proprietary manufacturing process.

ODA linked to
emergency situations, combat operations & space missions

Emergency situation, combat operations and space missions as different as they are, they have one common point. That is linked to special food requests. In these areas, time is at essence and good nutrition as well due to the situations people are facing in these environments. It is a need of healthy, personalized food that must be ready to consume / to eat without further preparation / heating or cooking. ODA is a solution with multiple advantages for these categories with ONE essential element which is the NO NEED OF WATER because the cooked tablet food is designed to be directly consumed under any special circumstances and customized for the targeted categories and their food needs.


Q4 2018 - Idea & market research.

Q1 2020 - Concept development; market research and competition analysis

Q3 2021 - Establishing recipes; making the 1st experimental prototypes

Q1 2022 - Q4 2023 - Testing proof of concept; pivoting; final product

Q1 2024 - Set up production line & go to market


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